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Change is Gonna Do Me Good

Every day Adam woke up, brushed his teeth, showered, ate breakfast, went to work, ate lunch, came home, ate dinner, brushed his teeth, and went to bed. One evening as he watched the final episode of one of his favorite television shows he felt a sense that this routine had happened before, exactly; waking up to the same song on the radio, ate the same last frozen waffle, filed the same document a day late, and watching the same final episode. The next day he instantly knew nothing had changed, he went through his routine silently observing the actions and comments of others, remembering it all from the days before, feeling trapped in an unreality and not knowing how to escape. It took 18 months with a specialist from another country for Adam to cure his chronic déjà vu, and another several months before he was able to find a new job. The doctor gave him a special device for any time the nagging feeling returned: a button-activated random number generator, all he had to do was “remember” the number and press the button, it was very effective.

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One thought on “Change is Gonna Do Me Good

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    “trapped in an unreality” I love that. If the random numbers were associated with gender, personality and relationships, might that effect the tone of the day he’s having? I don’t know if you were thinking of synesthesia at all. Eighteen months to cure him seems significant to me, as does this ambiguous image of pressing a button. Very cool, I like this one a lot.

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