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Big Brother is Watching

As they sat at the family table David tore into the gift his brother had gotten for him and you could almost hear a slightly exhausted sigh escape his lips before his strangely large eyes welled up with tears. A single, red, left-foot tennis shoe almost identical to the right-foot shoe still sitting in his closet, down to the lucky Jumpin’ Jack drawn on the side – in his brother Fitz’s hand. Fitz had to make some odd trades in order to get that particular shade of discontinued red. David always blamed himself for what happened at the beach and spent days and weeks combing it, vowing to find the matching one, knowing it wouldn’t change anything but feeling broken and incomplete with just the one shoe. Fitz had never been able to convince him that it wasn’t his fault, so he hoped this gesture could succeed where his words failed. It did.

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One thought on “Big Brother is Watching

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    This is one I should have only read once; the first time around it was just “wow,” and beautiful, and I didn’t rush to an outcome, it was just about savoring. Maybe it is time to stop trying to “know more.”

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