a cure for the common block

Come Live With Me

Sela’s English was near-perfect, so near – in fact – that apparent slips could easily be taken as intentional manipulation for dramatic effect; while recounting an ordeal that had occurred years prior in another country, she described it solemnly as “utterly terrific.” Graham listened in complete rapture, intensely drawn to both her beauty and her stories, but Sela had that affect on people. She was well-educated and had a life full of remarkable experiences, from the fanciful to the aforementioned “utterly terrific”, and while she wasn’t in search of a romantic partner she did sometimes wonder if she would ever meet someone that could challenge her charisma. As kismet would have it such a woman was working in a restaurant she would visit on a whim while on vacation in Sweden.

#ShortShortStories #ComeLiveWithMe

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