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The Longest Good-Bye

Holly foraged through her memories in search of a nine-letter word that began and ended with a “C”, another “c” in the middle, and signified that everything was all right; it was an ironic point for her sister to interrupt with the news that their father had died. Their mother was on the other end of the phone, he finally succumbed to the cancer early in the morning and she had been updating the various services she had started setting up since they got the news that the tumors weren’t responding to the more aggressive treatment and it would be just a matter of days. Glen, though, he always broke expectations managing to hang on for three weeks. Holly smiled as her sister shared the news, recalling a moment when the doctor visited him two weeks later and, perplexed, asked how he did it, to which her father weakly replied “Her” as he nodded toward his wife, Vella.

#ShortShortStories #TheLongestGoodBye


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