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Peeper Two

Loc was an engineer who had joined a team to build a better camera. Their intentions were to use a specially designed crystal for the lens, as well as a meticulously coded algorithm in an attempt to create a camera that could see like a human eye, not just capture a picture but capture an “image” the way the eye sees the image. It was a spectacular failure. Most images looked fine (although not as perfect as they hoped), but any animate object appeared blurry and foggy. They assumed the motion detection in the code was too sensitive, but even after an all-night session of plastic cup debugging no errors were found, and the problem persisted even with normal lenses. It was abandoned with none them ever realizing that there was an unintentional side-effect in the code that allowed it to photograph souls.

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2 thoughts on “Peeper Two

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    First, it’s ohhhhh. Then I read back, catch the significance of blurry and it’s OH! But I still don’t get the plastic cup debugging, and I feel like I should; but my brain thinks it either means it was done through primitive means or they were drinking all night to figure it out. Yes, I’m that dense.

    I can just take it all in as is; keep the mystery alive, sherlock. but at least you should get a laugh at my thought process.

    • Moody Paper on said:

      Also, it would be cool if they were using a 3-D printer, and that’s where plastic comes in. and/or I think once they get it working they should sell it in the back of comic books.

      Seriously, I appreciate the story as a whole. Carry on.

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