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A Day in the Life

While the other children around him dashed to their lockers stuffing books and folders into their backpacks, chattering and gossiping on the way to their buses, Tony took his time with such decisions. He wondered whether or not he really needed his two-and-a-half pound biology textbook for his homework assignment, and if he needed the full two days of use from his equally heavy math textbook. These were important questions because he walked a straight road home everyday rather than take a circuitous route full of noisy kids, most of whom he didn’t really know. Assured of his selections he made his way home making awkwardly short and long steps to avoid cracks in the sidewalk, and kicking the occasional pebble or rock, seeing how far he could keep it going before it darted off into the street, but mostly just daydreaming about things he wished would happen: in school, after school, at school dances, during breaks from school. As he arrived home for the first time he realized how many of his thoughts revolved around school, but this minor epiphany vanished when he lifted the doormat and saw a missing key, his eyes slowly rolling up to notice the door slightly ajar.

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One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I like the details, particularly how he avoids the cracks and kicks the pebbles. And of course the contrast in tone. So much love for latchkey kids.

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