a cure for the common block

I Want to Be Alone

Dex had always run hotter than other people and it always gave him a laugh when a doctor went into a panic upon examining him for the first time. He felt it was for a reason and ignored education, a career, even love in pursuit of his purpose imagining that one day he would hit critical mass, his heat bursting into a full superpower he could use to help people, help the world. He came up with superhero names and drew pictures as a child, created costumes as he got older, and justified his lack of intimate connections as protection for when he’d have to protect a secret identity. Dex was meant to help people but he never did, he wasted his life chasing a dream rather than opening a science textbook and discovering the power his mind had for understanding and unraveling complex theorems that could have advanced technologies for turning barren wastelands into nutrient-rich soil by decades.

#ShortShortStories #IWantToBeAlone


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