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One for the Book / I Owe it All to You

Ransom let his guitarist step into the light for his solo and looked out into the audience, his eyes landing upon a man in a blue suit standing in the balcony next to the spotlight booth smiling and clapping with everyone else, sending a chill down Ransom’s spine. He sensed it would happen soon, his third album just went platinum and everyone was paying attention to him; after the show security guards told him of a man– he interrupted and instructed them to let the man backstage. As he waited he remembered the day he first saw him, taking a break from garage practice pleading in his bathroom mirror for one small break offering anything to anyone, and upon exit bumping into the blue-suited man who told him through his Cheshire smile that he had “a good feeling” about him before walking off. The building tension was agonizing until it was broken by a groupie’s piercing scream, Ransom bolted out of his room pushing through the huddling masses, a thousand thoughts scrambling his brain until everything froze as he looked through the doorway and saw his guitarist, dead on the floor of his dressing room. His head quickly snapped up and down the hall, glimpsing a figure in blue before it vanished.

#ShortShortStories #OneForTheBook #IOweItAllToYou


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