a cure for the common block

By The Way… You’re Fired

Ava knew she only had one chance to locate the sniper and take him out, but it required risking her own life. She barely passed her entrance exams and finished in the middle of her class, but Ava Cooper never performed well in hypothetical scenarios even when on the field she knew there was no real threat; her body was so finely-tuned that adrenaline only flowed when necessary, but when it flowed it gave her super-human performance levels that quickly made her one of the governments most valuable assets. Under the cover of night she placed a cigarette between her lips and within two seconds of lighting it, before the cherry could glow from her deep drag, a bullet sped toward her head shattering the mirror reflecting her image and giving her enough time to rise from her blind, pinpoint the shooter, and land one square between his eyes.

#ShortShortStories #ByTheWayYoureFired


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