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Werner strummed his guitar playing a little ditty while watching his toddler roll around on the floor giggling, occasionally stopping to smat his hands together; he didn’t yet have the coordination to properly clap. The sunlight washed through the windows, warming them just enough on the cool autumn day. It was a day where nothing could go wrong, but Werner knew that something always goes wrong if given enough time, for him, or for Patrick, or Lauren, or their family and friends. As he played for his son he hoped that whatever came they would weather the storm and forge ahead all together, stronger. When tragedy hit less than a year later the Porters did make it through, but not all together.

#ShortShortStories #Two


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One thought on “Two

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Multiple choice:

    Werner’s family did not make it though a tragedy together because:

    a) one of the family members died
    b) there was a divorce
    c) part of the family was Lauren’s unborn baby and it didn’t survive
    d) a car accident killed Werner instantly, but his wife and child survived
    e) both a and d
    f) this deserves an essay question and answer

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