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Young Man’s Fancy

Seven words, two sentences, Bianca knew the story she was attempting to tell but it didn’t make any sense to Ross, and she knew that too. They had only just met and things were already going downhill at a record pace, even for Bianca; what she didn’t know was that Ross didn’t care, the same thing had happened to him a dozen times, when your thoughts are racing through a long, complicated story and your mouth just blurts out a random chunk of words. Random chance brought them together: a bump, a spill, an apology, and then a spark of conversation; he pushed forward and things were going oh so well until he locked eyes with a young woman across the bar for just a moment, but that moment lingered in his mind until night’s end. He gritted his teeth, mentally kicking himself for coming back to the same bar while Bianca watched in horror as the young woman and several other officers lead him away in handcuffs, it was a night none of them would forget.

#ShortShortStories #YoungMansFancy


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One thought on “Young Man’s Fancy

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    This one is driving me a little crazy in a good way. I can’t fit it all together yet, but I have to be okay with not making it into a guessing game.

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