a cure for the common block

The Whole Truth

Ib wasn’t very athletic, nor was he very good with math, couldn’t draw a stick figure, and was absolutely terrible at talking to other human beings, but all the things that pushed him away from making connections with people gave him an intense understanding of them, so much so it bordered on psychic. Ironically this is what finally allowed him to connect with anyone around him, knowing at a glance where they’re coming from and why they were who they were; accepting them and empathizing with them made him instantly trustworthy. For years he traveled the world making friends with everyone from citizens to dignitaries, having intimate conversations over humble dinners and grand feasts, learning about their past, present, and future, and bringing that intelligence home so his government would know who they could still trust. One of the first people Ib befriended was an agent who recognized him as a potential asset, and Ib had always been a patriot.

#ShortShortStories #TheWholeTruth


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