a cure for the common block

Shadow Play

Arianne took a few sips of water and then chugged it down, savoring the liquid that had nearly killed her six months earlier. A client of Mister’s pushed her off a boat to send a “message” to her family – in particular her father – and while she was an excellent swimmer she was at least three klicks from shore and unsure which direction that was. Still hundreds of yards from land, exhaustion was winning and she flailed, gasping for air and taking in gulps of water. Saved by a prodigious ten-year-old, after making it to shore she resolved to send Mister a message of her own. She bided her time staying in a family cabin through the off-season, letting them grieve her death and giving him a false sense of security. Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, one of his security guards drops dead while on duty, a few days later a guard shows up dead on his doorstep, then his chef, then the client he sent after her with a note attached which read “See you soon.”

#ShortShortStories #ShadowPlay


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