a cure for the common block

A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain

A sound startled Orson from his slumber and it seemed as soon as his eyes landed on the figure looming ominously in the corner of his bedroom it was upon him, knees pinning down his arms and a hand covering his mouth – practically unnecessary due to the fear paralyzing him from budging a single toe let alone mustering a sound as he dreaded his imminent demise. The Watcher had killed and tortured many small animals, but Orson was his first human and would prove more challenging than a dog or cat. Orson managed to escape and learned to be more aware of his surroundings after he was told “I watched and I waited.” The city learned that there was a killer amongst them, stalking them and attacking them in their homes. The Watcher learned that it got easier with each victim; he hadn’t made a mistake, he wanted them to know, he wanted them to fear him and wonder if he was watching, just like the gazelle fears the crocodile lurking beneath the surface of the water. The Watcher was a predator and the people were his prey.

#ShortShortStories #AShortDrinkFromACertainFountain


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