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Deaths-Head Revisited

Julie and Zukie gushed with glee at the North Street Diner after they finally got to see Lorelei & Lace live in concert. Popular bands rarely came within a hundred miles of where they lived out in the sticks, but while they were on a Spring Break getaway serendipity struck, bringing the band’s tour just a few blocks from their hotel. Julie was in mid-nerdspasm when she noticed Zukie’s eyes drift up and over her shoulder, growing wider than she had ever seen before, which was saying something. Julie craned her neck around to see what was the matter: the band of two – Uri and Stefan – approached them waving meekly, and as the pair of girls recalled later the next few moments were so utterly amazing that each one seemed to last considerably longer than the twenty seconds in which it all happened. The gentlemen asked if they could sit with them, they asked if they enjoyed the show, they recognized them from the audience. The duo were almost as giddy as the young women, they had only been together a couple of years and their only album to date had been released six months prior to mediocre sales and reviews, having fans was a new experience for them. They exchanged information promising to stay in contact, a promise the band kept even after their fourth record-breaking album.

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