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Time Enough At Last

Edie and Bea chuckled softly over their cups of tea, Bea had just remembered the time her late husband, Paul, had gotten them lost on their honeymoon and rather than ask for directions to the beach, he pulled over and they had a midnight picnic on a blanket under the stars. Edie’s husband, Harold, had also passed a few years earlier, but Edie didn’t remember him, or much about anything, which suited her fine because she knew that Bea was her best friend, they had tea every day at noon, and she didn’t need to know much else than that. The nurse came and brought them lunch, for their sake it was the same nurse everyday because consistency was important at the facility, and the two ladies enjoyed Mike’s company, he was sincere and never made them feel embarrassed for forgetting his name, and Mike enjoyed spending time with the young women and all the patients at the care center for traumatic brain injuries.

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One thought on “Time Enough At Last

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Shocker ending. At first I thought about how “old lady” names, sipping tea and loss of memory threw me off, but i almost wonder if my past experiences should have warned me – so it was a double jolt to have a memory come back to me a few moments after the ending. thanks for stirring it up; i mean that sincerely, it was good to reflect.

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