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The Passersby

Ko sat on the cool knoll in the park running her fingers through the soft, dewy grass and playfully gesturing every so often – when the mood struck. Ko was an Ivitt, a mischievous spirit that caused bad luck; nothing too big just little trips, fumbles, and embarrassing slips of tongue that come just at the wrong time. Parks were one of her favorite places to make her magic, so many different types of people and so much potential for chain reactions, but the unexpected happened when a wave sent an awkward girl named Kira careening into a cute boy named Cris and she flicked her wrist to make him say the wrong thing; for Cris, however, an extremely polite and well-mannered boy the “wrong thing” was to flirtatiously compliment the girl and suggest they go on a date. Ko was normally disgusted when her meddling backfired, but there was something different about this moment, perhaps she was changing or perhaps she knew that there would be many more embarrassing moments between the maladroit pair.

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One thought on “The Passersby

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Clever and sweet. It shows your range when compared to stories like Quality of Mercy – not only careful word choice to set tone, but in this story an almost whimsical, musical type of movement of the main character, who I’m sure has played a few tricks on me. I like the closing line, with possible character growth or a new relationship developing, and it’s left open to either one or both possibilities. I see it like an animated short, I think it’s the second one I’ve seen that way. (always thinking in pictures)

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