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Quality of Mercy

Emma cowered in fear when the guard told her he was taking her to Belial; she still had no idea what had brought her to the Underworld and she was moments away from meeting the Devil. Pushed into the ten-by-ten room reeking of brimstone, she saw no horned demon, no flames, in fact she saw nothing, no one, until she heard metal clanging against the floor in a dark corner to her right: a pitiful creature in shackles chained to the wall, eyes of red and skin of black and grey with a texture of ash that she feared would crumble if she dared touch it. It hugged the corner, raising its shoulders and tucking its head down; Emma knelt down and slowly moved toward the worthless creature on her hands and knees, reaching out an open palm, the first kind gesture offered to the pathetic demon in a thousand years, a kindness he’s only allowed to experience once every thousand years.

#ShortShortStories #QualityOfMercy


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One thought on “Quality of Mercy

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I appreciate all of the sights and sounds of the dark imagery, but I especially like the words you used to describe Emma’s body language as the story shifted from jarring to graceful. From Emma cowering, to being pushed, to slowly approaching, to a specific description of her open palm. I would like to assume, and I think the story implies, that she was uniquely chosen for this interaction.

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