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The Self-Improvement of Isandro Ross

Isandro wiped his sweaty hands on the less embellished fabric of his suit before entering the arena with his signature smile and flare which had quickly gained him many fans and admirers, making his way to the center where Reynaldo and Osias stood. The crowd calmed down and the opening ceremony began with Reynaldo presenting Isandro with his sword; this was Izzy’s Alternative, the match where he would finally become a matador de toros. The first bull would be his Rey would take the second and Oz would take the third, then they would repeat the order for the last three bulls. It was a highly coordinated dance with several players testing the bulls weaknesses and temperament, and as the day ended, along with Isandro’s career in bullfighting, he felt no regret or shame for his actions and the bull would never forget him for the rest of his long, strange life.

#ShortShortStories #TheSelfImprovementOfIsandroRoss


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