a cure for the common block


Andria’s confidence sputtered out in a long, silent groan as her eyes dilated in deep, utter fear. Looking at the first question she realized she had studied the wrong chapter of her history textbook and frantically scanned each and every question, flipping the pages with frenzied jitter, completely clueless of what to do. She had struggled for much of the semester and passing this test was her last chance to pass the class and graduate on time. Paralyzed with a cold sweat her prospects flashed before her eyes: failing the test, taking summer school, having to reapply to colleges with “Failed” and “Summer Classes” on her transcript. When she finally snapped out of it she saw there were only ten minutes left and her test was still blank; she scrambled and quickly wrote in answers, ignoring the multiple choices and jotting down as much information from the wrong chapter that she could, about the settlements, agriculture, economy, neighboring tribes, everything filtered straight from her conscious mind to her fingertips, covering the page in ink. She received exemplary marks, but then again Mrs. Ginny Grace never would have failed Andria, her educational philosophy stressed effort over memorization, especially when it came to the standardized finals students were required to take.

#ShortShortStories #Elegy


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