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Escape Clause

Scott wasn’t very bright, but he was quick and agile which proved quite advantageous on The Island. While many of the other captives attempted to think their way out of danger Scott ran, jumped, climbed, and scurried away, albeit narrowly frequently. The Good Doctor always offered a reward and signed a contract of rules, but never risked Making Good. Until Scott. Scott wasn’t very bright but he wasn’t stupid; when the time came he did not immediately present himself, he remained hidden for several days almost making the Good Doctor believe he had succumbed to some other tragedy. Almost. He left the briefcases, keys, and dagger in a vast clearing, apparently keeping his Good Word. What Scott didn’t know was that the plane’s fuel gauge had been altered and in reality only had enough to travel 20 miles before crashing into the ocean, what the Good Doctor didn’t know was that Scott had no intention of leaving The Island.

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One thought on “Escape Clause

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I made several assumptions about Scott based on some of your themes, but he is certainly not what I thought he was at the beginning. I’m still unsure, but I am sure that I love the last sentence.

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