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Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Mack had been whining to the Cook and multiple patrons for the better part of an hour, going on and on about the complicated relationship between him and a co-worker, someone whom he felt deep admiration toward, but doubted the feelings were reciprocated; he turned to the few straggling night-owls still haunting the joint at 3 a.m., seeking guidance. The older gentleman across the diner was attempting to drink his coffee and read his paper in peace, but he couldn’t take anymore. He exclaimed and rose from his seat, launching into a lecture at the young man about not pussyfooting around the issue, to take a stand, a risk, tell her how he felt, what was on his mind, in his heart, rather than hemming and hawing surrounded by strangers with problems of their own. After finishing the monologue Mack lowered his head and reflected on the words as the man returned to his seat. The lights were raised and the men stood up to an ovation and cheers from the audience.

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One thought on “Five Characters in Search of an Exit

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    One of my new recent favorites. Scripted night-owls give the best advice. Or maybe 3am just makes it seem so.

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