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No Time Like The Past

The Bots had been around for as long as Lus could remember and he never thought anything of the two, they came to the island years earlier and simply helped villagers with small tasks – until an explorer came on a boat. When no one could provide answers to his questions about what they were, who made them, where they came from, he insisted on “examining” him, but the Bots did not like his invasion and quickly discarded him. Lus wanted to help the Bots, offered to take them in the boat to find their home, their creator, but they surprised Lus and in a flash the three were several hundred years in the future, in the long-abandoned home of their creator. They weren’t really there, it was just a hologram, and they shared with him all of their knowledge and history, with the exception of how they arrived on Lus’ island. In a flash the image was gone and life returned to normal on the island, until the next inevitable explorer would arrive.

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One thought on “No Time Like The Past

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I appreciate the concept of a culture that accepts The Bots seemingly mundane purpose, so much so that The Bots have become a part of the fabric of their society. It occurred to me they might know the answers but prefer not to provide them, but I think that may be more likely to happen with the next explorer!

    What I find the most fun about this piece is when something is revealed to the reader, it is almost immediately exposed as an illusion. They do mundane tasks but are powerful. They time travel, but not really. They speak of ALL of the knowledge and history, but not what might be the most relevant to Lus. Life is normal until it isn’t.

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