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Sounds and Silences

Remo shuffled the cards and dealt hands to the other men at the table, this particular group of nameless men had been meeting for several weeks with tension steadily growing between two of the men – he dubbed the younger one “Takun”, and the older one “Chi-Chi” – and Remo had a feeling they had reached their breaking point. Remo never meddled, although he could, but that policy was how he drew such wealthy men to his games, games which often attracted people settling personal vendettas without resorting to violence. On Takun’s turn during the opening hand, he placed three large stacks of money on the table, stared Chi-Chi directly in the eyes and simply said “Mei-Mei”. Remo didn’t speak Japanese, but he knew exactly what the young man said and as his eyes panned to the old man he lowered his eyes and nodded his head, prompting a bodyguard at the door behind Remo to leave. Still several feet from the door, Remo could hear a young girl breathing heavily and whimpering and finally put the pieces together; the door opened and revealed the bodyguard strong-arming Takun’s sister, but as soon as he took his first step toward her the goon raised a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. If Remo had been facing the man he would have had time to take the gun out of his hand, but he merely managed to spin around and twist his arm so the gun fired in another direction, specifically into the screen of his new TV. Remo couldn’t help but meddle.

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One thought on “Sounds and Silences

  1. moody paper on said:

    Television saves lives.

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