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To Tell or Not to Tell

Eldon watched the rats scatter in all but one direction and dreaded what it signaled; he was conflicted about whether to let a society that had shunned him fall victim to Duzael while he remained safe in his chains, or warn them of the demon coming to feast on their bodies and souls. As he mulled over his dilemma the six-eyed beast stepped forward and removed the shadow like a cloak of darkness, drawing a deep breath through Its spiked nostrils, the scent of sin whetting Its appetite. It looked around for the first victim, someone to maul and launch into a crowd to get the show started, but Eldon was masked by his holy chains and as he peered into Its swirling yellow eyes he didn’t see a ravenous Hellspawn about to unleash terror on the city, he saw himself willing to stand by and allow the death and suffering of hundreds for his own selfish resentment of being ostracized, and in his final act he showed them mercy and forgiveness.

#ShortShortStories #ToTellOrNotToTell


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