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Washington vs the Bunny

Washington stalked the animal through the snowy meadow, staying low and keeping a safe distance to avoid the prey’s instinctive radar. He didn’t need this meal, he kept well-fed, but it maintained his training and kept his hunting instincts sharp; Washington had lived with several families, but they always found something wrong with him and sent him back without regard, and so no matter where he lived, he remained wild at heart. He had stopped following the rabbit after finding its burrow and merely sat and waited patiently for it to return, however he was soon beckoned back home for dinner; as he trotted back home following the scent of the Anderson’s home-cooked meal, he marked a tree near the burrow planning to return for wild rabbit another time, settling for at least one more night of dry dog food.

#ShortShortStories #WashingtonVsTheBunny


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