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Death of the Party

Vik and Witchita rode at a steady clip through the pale blue light of the moon, on the run after a single mistake they could never correct – a sin that could never be forgiven – they could only attempt to make amends through their deeds, helping those who needed it most. They rushed toward a small town where they hoped to find a doctor or someone who could help the girl carried on the back of Vik’s horse whom they found in the woods, gashed and bloody. Some of the cuts seemed to have healed when they checked on her at a stop for food and water, but they didn’t know how hungry the girl was growing inside.

#ShortShortStories #DeathOfTheParty


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One thought on “Death of the Party

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    They have a lot more to make amends for than first impressions would allow; when the moon is blue, even the pale light of it brings more tragedy that one can even imagine. #whatdidtheydo

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