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You Ought to Be in Pictures

The painting stole Chay’s attention the moment she walked into the gallery, the muted colors and thick brush strokes luring her closer; as she studied the canvas the scene grew deeper and she saw more details until it filled her entire field of vision. Her dry eyes stung and when her lids swept up from rehydrating them, she found herself in the olive grove which had captivated her; not a real grove, a thick field of paint populated by oily, faceless women plucking olives and gathering them in baskets. This wasn’t Chay’s first foray into a painting and it wouldn’t be her last, though she would never understand the nature of her power or learn to control it, she just relaxed and enjoyed the journeys, while people often glared and wondered about the strange woman staring at a single painting for over an hour.

#ShortShortStories #YouOughtToBeInPictures


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One thought on “You Ought to Be in Pictures

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I will give up all of my super powers to be able to do this.

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