a cure for the common block

The Impractical Joke

Dozens of suits and sundresses passed Jordan on the subway platform of the 4•5•6 at the end of the month, but some would stop to hear him play his beaten up, too-small violin; a handful of patrons would even toss him loose change or maybe a bill or two, and for each of them he would cease the music to stand up and shake their hand with a “Thank you” while his other hand snatched their wallet. At the end of the day he collected his takings, packed up the violin his mother gave him as a child, and made his way to his studio apartment in the city; to each of the people whose wallets he borrowed he wrote a letter telling them who he was, how appreciative he was of their generosity and how much it can change a person’s life. The musician who had played to crowds around the world signed his name, tucked a grand in their wallet, and mailed it back to them.

#ShortShortStories #TheImpracticalJoke


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