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The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain that Holds its Ears

Roderick let his surroundings come into view as his eyes fluttered open, trying to understand what was going on; he didn’t notice any physical injuries, although he was clearly in a hospital, alone in a room with various machines and medical equipment. Dr. Tucek soon visited him and explained what had occurred: how he crashed his car into a tree, the memory loss, apparent recovery, and unfortunate relapse. Roderick retained so many memories of other tragedies and suffering, this news almost pushed him to his edge, despite the doctor expressing hope that one more schedule of therapy could fully restore his mental wellness; he left Roderick alone to cope for a few days before the new regimen would begin. Some memories did come back to Roderick over that time: a dance with an almond-eyed girl in a parking lot, setting off homemade firecrackers with friends, and one recollection that made him question where he was and what Dr. Tucek wanted; Roderick had never learned how to drive, and never even owned a car.

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One thought on “The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain that Holds its Ears

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Disturbing on so many levels with so many interpretations, I love it. It’s also disarming in tone, as if experimentation/horrific events may have occurred, memory is lost, but the narration is unfolding like a Norman Rockwell painting.

    I like the visual of the almond-eyed girl and the homemade firecrackers.

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