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Happy Birthday And Too Many More

Allison hollered for Samir to end her misery once and for all, but Samir knew the pain would pass and his beloved would blush at the foolish things uttered under duress. The stars smiled upon her as she gave birth to a healthy boy, but she did not shrink from her cries of agony, assuring her husband she had no intention of going through the experience a second time. Life, however, often has plans of its own and enjoys meddling with what people believe is ‘free will’; once again Allison was filled with life and enough years had passed that she believed she was ready to bring another child into our world. Five years later when he knew she could fully understand, Samir explained to his dear, sweet Ally what happened on the day she was born – that her mommy didn’t just go away, but that she had died; the small girl gave him a comforting hug around his neck and said it would be alright before she helped her father and brother lay flowers on the lush plot.

#ShortShortStories #HappyBirthdayAndTooManyMore


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