a cure for the common block

Foul Weather Girl

Mischa packed the round and carefully placed it on the ground with the rest of her artillery. She peeked over the hill, her white cap giving her enough camouflage to avoid detection from casual observers; one of her targets was already scouting for enemies, but the others had yet to arrive. Her sweat cooled under her heavy coat in the briskness of winter and her heart thumped with the thrill of imminent battle, a war of honor. She once more rose, creeping slowly to make her movement imperceptible to the scout and any others who had joined him; seeing five combatants she signaled with her compatriots, making sure they were ready with supplies. On Mischa’s mark they jumped up and opened fire, lobbing snowballs at the kids from Kenston High and sending them fleeing behind shrubs and trees, only to be surprised when they returned fire with snowballs they had stowed away hours earlier. The fight raged on for several minutes before both sides ran out of ammunition and were forced to declare that round a draw.

#ShortShortStories #FoulWeatherGirl


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