a cure for the common block

Like A Sister

It was Soo’s first day at her first job and she was already in over her head, struggling to absorb everything her trainer was telling her and retain it to be able to perform on her own; she had always learned better by doing than watching, but her supervisor didn’t want her actually doing anything the first day, “Watch and learn” was his mantra. She fumbled throughout the week, disappointing those above her and convincing them they made a mistake taking a chance on one of “them”, however her coworker Sid held no such prejudices and re-trained her, talking to her as she worked her way through the system building the muscle memory and eye-hand coordination to make the training stick. The business went bankrupt less than six months later, but Sid made Soo’s first work experience a pleasant memory and gave her the confidence to move forward and not let others’ expectations hold her back.

#ShortShortStories #LikeASister


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