a cure for the common block

Where Did I Come From?

Philo and Little scavenged through the junkyard looking for useful scrap, their project was maybe only a few weeks away from completion if they could find the right parts – in good condition. Little didn’t have Philo’s vision, or his technological know-how for that matter, but if told what something needed to do his imagination could think of myriad ways to repurpose materials he found. They tried to gather items in order, not get ahead of themselves and have scrap piling up around the lab before it was ready to be used, but there were a few vital, irreplaceable pieces that they were always on the hunt for, and today fate was on their side. Little spotted the corner of something peaking from a pile of refuse that strongly resembled the specialized battery Philo had described to him; he carefully dug it out and pulled out his meter to gauge its power – it was low, but could be recharged – their robot now had a source of renewable energy.

#ShortShortStories #WhereDidIComeFrom


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