a cure for the common block

Cause And Effect

Audrey didn’t want to go back down the aisle, she knew 10B would harass her for more drinks and she had been an attendant long enough to know the difference between a drunk who will have a quiet moment of realization and offer an apology when told he had reached his limit, and when one will insist he’s fine and demand another single-serve. She pretended not to notice the call light as she dug in a cupboard, passively shuffling around cleaning supplies. Kyle went in her place and Audrey soon heard a slurry of vague threats and vile language hurled at him, she headed to assist him when she saw the Air Marshall rise from his seat cater-cornered from 10B and in short, swift moves detained the lush on the cabin floor to the cheers and adoration of many aboard; her day was looking up as the plane headed to Las Vegas.

#ShortShortStories #CauseAndEffect


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