a cure for the common block

Who Watches The Watchers

Et loved puzzles, and this was a doozy. As he mulled over his options – mentally working his way down various paths – a thought struck him and as he looked at the puzzle from this new angle the thought began to make more sense. He was observed from a control room and was now faced with a dilemma: solve the new puzzle without the proctors realizing he’s undoing their work. When he was brought in he was told to fix a security patch that had been compromised and rebooting it would cause a contamination leak in their clean room, but because he’s better at puzzles than they realized he discovered that if he re-routed the tanks they would disperse a toxic gas into a lab, killing several scientists and risking a catastrophic viral outbreak, and it would appear to all be his fault – or worse, his intention. He asked if they had attempted going through the back door and quickly set to work drawing a path through the maze of pipe and duct work, leading the chemicals to safely vent into a “scrub room” where biohazardous material was routinely dumped and was cleaned and sanitized three times daily. As he left the building with his new, heavy paycheck he phoned the police and hoped the men would be stopped before trying again.

#ShortShortStories #WhoWatchesTheWatchers


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