a cure for the common block


Bruce took off his shoe and slammed it hard on the desk several times, commanding the attention of everyone in the boardroom. He spoke of accountability, that the public cared more about assigning blame than they did about answers and solutions; and so, he proposed, they would give them what they wanted: a scapegoat would be presented and punished however they deemed fit. Of course, it couldn’t be any of the board members, they were too important, so it would fall on some hapless mope who had the misfortune of having his name under Bruce’s finger after he blindly pointed at the payroll list: Clark Dugby. Clark was shocked that the defective strip was the result of an accounting error in his diagnostic report, but Bruce made an argument that gave him serious doubts. To Bruce’s surprise, the public did not want Mr. Dugby’s blood, when they saw the feeble man fumble through his apology they felt sympathy; it was all due to a simple mistake, one that any of them could have made, and Bruce realized he had accidentally found something better than a scapegoat, he found an Everyman: a person who can take the blame and escape backlash, a blank canvas a public would no sooner punish than they would punish themselves.

#ShortShortStories #Manhunt


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