a cure for the common block

Frame of Mind

Mina wanted to study for the test, she knew her limitations, she knew she wasn’t familiar enough with Colonial agriculture to even barely pass the final exam, however whenever she set her eyes on the page and began reading the words her concentration slipped like a fat toddler on ice. She remembered a trick her mother once taught her, clambered up the stairs and into the hall closet, carrying down an old record player; she put on some slow, gentle, Classical music and once again attempted to study the material. The tempo kept her calm and gave her something to focus on without getting distracted, humming along and tying certain notes to certain details; the test was more or less stress-free, and though she had to guess at several answers, the humming brought back specific memories that helped immeasurably in moments of doubt.

#ShortShortStories #FrameOfMind


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