a cure for the common block

Journey’s End

It was Menon’s fourth venture through the spacetime rip (generated by his particle accelerator while smashing leptons), his fourth visit to Ancient Greece and he decided to finally interact with people. As the only child of a historian and philosopher living in modern Greece, he was almost fluent in Ionian and Dorian dialects, and his charisma made him many friends in little time. In previous visits he had gathered that it was mid-5th century BC based on news of the fall of Kydonia; invited by his new friends to a party, when asked for his name he gave the only name on his mind when thinking of mid-400s BC Greece: Democritus. Later, when he learned that the rip had sealed – forever trapping him in the past – rather than succumb to a depressing malaise, he rejoiced and laughed at the irony. He looked forward to – and enjoyed – a long, prosperous life, amazed by all that was lost to fire and tyrants, in wonder at how it could have shaped the future.

#ShortShortStories #JourneysEnd

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