a cure for the common block

Hollow Pursuits

Husna scanned the aisles of her nearest grocer; they didn’t carry the best product, however it was the most affordable on her part-time wage. Much to her surprise, along with the majority of her necessities (water, spices, toiletries, etc), her budget allowed her to acquire an assortment of vegetables, bread, and protein which, alone, could sustain her for a week. But while her body was nourished, her mental health starved for lack of connections, to family or friends or lovers, or even to an activity that gave her a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction until she reached a breaking point. Husna began making cuts in her budget, giving up luxuries and necessities alike, for months, until she had enough for a plane ticket and a couple months rent in a hostel where she would start a new life.

#ShortShortStories #HollowPursuits


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