a cure for the common block

Thine Own Self

Erica took off her security uniform and removed the bag of diamonds from the concealed inner-pocket; she may not have lead an honest life, but at least she could sleep at night, which was more than could be said of her sister. Tule ran for office promising to help the children, fix the roads, restore the town’s former glory as a place where people wanted to raise families and give back to their community; what she discovered was a community unwilling to do what was necessary, unwilling to give before they received, pushing Tule to make moral compromises and shades-of-grey deals. Erica may have been a thief, but the goods were already ill-gotten through bribery, “repossession”, or even murder; even if Tule had her sister’s gift for rationalization, it wouldn’t have prevented her from falling into the governments sting operation and giving them enough evidence to guarantee at least a 12-year sentence.


#ShortShortStories #ThineOwnSelf

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