a cure for the common block


As Anton had hoped – many, many decades earlier – he was successfully ‘thawed’ after spending several generations in a cryogenic chamber following his death. What he hadn’t expected was how much the world had changed, and how much it stayed the same; he was never a man of science, or much of a deep thinker at all, he merely had the means to afford Cryogenic Preservation, and so he could barely cope with the requisite red tape for the “reanimated”, let alone actual reentry into a society completely alien to everything he knew from his former life. After months of struggle, a group eventually found him, a group of fellow “Sleepers” who formed a small community that kept to a simple, traditional lifestyle, eschewing modern technology and luxuries.

#ShortShortStories #Outcast


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One thought on “Outcast

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    The group found him…that adds so much more comfort than the ending I was anticipating. The story starts and ends with hope…until…stop me there.

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