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Tin Man

Sam looked at Castor and before he could say anything, Castor took his hand. Sam was born unable to feel any emotions, but he could experience them vicariously through his twin; save for the occasional masochistic desire to punish himself, Sam avoided pain and regret and humiliation, though Castor would sometimes force them on him, teaching him that he couldn’t hide from the tribulations of life, that he couldn’t just be happy and without care while the rest of humanity had to slog through a battery of agonizing memories. But this was a day when Castor envied Sam and was prepared to let him live this day without a worry, but Sam didn’t want that; Sam may not have been able to feel sadness, but he knew when he was supposed to be sad, and for all that his mother gave to him, he wanted to give her his tears, he wanted to mourn her and feel that sense of loss, remember that emptiness, carry it with him so he would never forget how much she meant to him.

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One thought on “Tin Man

  1. Moody Paper on said:


    I found this for Sam. “Memories are the architecture of our identity…” I want to change it to “memories are the architects of our identity,” but then I’d spend the next few hours comparing them from a philosophical viewpoint, and how it relates to the twins, and my brain is telling me to save it for another day.

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