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Encounter At Farpoint

At her birth Raya was assigned a role in the tribe, she would be trained to gather and scout; as a youth, however, it was discovered that she was a Sunshy, unable to spend time outside during the day. Most Sunshies skinned animals and prepared meals in the tents and lodges – the tribe never had one as a scout – but as Raya proved herself, they learned many advantages to scouting in the cover of darkness, as well as gathering stone and root and wood without competition. It was on a fruitful scouting mission that she was discovered by another tribe-a tribe of men as pale as her-with a young Tufa boy introducing them as scouts who arrived in a large metal bird, like the ones that pass over their islands.

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One thought on “Encounter At Farpoint

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I love the names, sense of place and culture, especially one that allowed Raya to develop her talents. The chance encounter doesn’t feel ominous to me; I suppose it should, but I just want her to be safe.

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