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The Price

The Girl’s eyes were black, bottomless wells and if you weren’t careful you could fall in and disappear forever; this was her curse, punishment for doubting one of the King’s Sage-Wives, advisers for especially difficult decisions requiring more insight and wisdom than capable of a single person. And so she covered her eyes, voluntarily blinding herself and roaming for a generation, discovering what truths people will confess to a woman they don’t have to look in the eyes and how that exposes their fears and motivations; she returned home, and convinced the King to meet her with little effort, and with even less effort convinced him that She was the only Sage-Wife he would need.

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One thought on “The Price

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I really enjoy the way the title, at least in my mind, can apply to all of the characters at different points in the story. The power shifts as they each pay a price, until eventually The Girl is more powerful than the King.

    This reminds me of Jenny Holzer’s Truth Before Power “truisms,” but then I found another one of hers that made me think of The Girl even more.


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