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Loud As A Whisper

Lizaveth faced the man who had condemned her six and a half years ago, the man who had taken away the only boy she had ever loved and framed her for the crime. She spent every day of her six year sentence planning her revenge, lulling herself to sleep with the thoughts of his grisly demise, and now she smiled at him from the chair, because she knew something he didn’t: he took away her life, he killed her son, he couldn’t hurt her anymore, and this gave her strength. Moments later as she beat him in his own living room – with the leg of his own chair – her blood chilled as she heard panicked breathing behind her and turned to see the frightened face of her ten year-old boy, a boy who never knew her, a boy who only knew of a father who loved him and protected him and was now bleeding to death in front of the storytime couch.

#ShortShortStories #LoudAsAWhisper


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One thought on “Loud As A Whisper

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Just when you think you have nothing to lose…beautifully written. This would be a great scene in an incredible journey.

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