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Tracey was filled with fear and something else as she leaned over his unconscious body. When he awoke, Gabriel was confused, and then embarrassed when Tracey told him he had fainted. That moment changed things between them; Gabe had always liked her, but now he realized the power of those feelings, and Tracey had always appreciated his friendship, but the fear that seized her when he collapsed told her those feelings ran much deeper.

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Eye of the Beholder

Chris hired Tiki for the three-week job based on his prices and his hands; he bore the tell-tale fingers of manual labor, fat and raw, prints worn thin, and Tiki made similar presumptions about Chris, too rich and too lazy to clean the gutters of her own redstone. However, on a brisk Sunday over a warm cup of tea, the two learned more about each other than could ever be told through social media and background checks.

#ShortShortStories #EyeOfTheBeholder

The Big Goodbye

Tim knew he stood in the presence of Death, an unassuming figure – to his surprise – dressed in a light blue suit and sipping on a margarita (a guilty pleasure, he confided to Tim). Rather than feel fear, regret, or any other concerns for his death and its impact on everyone he knew, he felt a calm welcoming, almost an excitement for what was to come, even if he didn’t actually know what was to come.

#ShortShortStories #TheBigGoodbye

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