a cure for the common block


He was heard over the hustle and bustle of Oma, and soon the bazaar merchants were cloaked in dark silence; the day had come – a day a quiet minority never believed would come – Baash had returned looming over the Temple of his namesake. The name meant many things to many people: salvation, reckoning, it was feared and celebrated, honored with blood and the patronym given to those conquered by the warriors of Oma. Baash stared upon the sprawling city for days, standing motionless and unflinching; for days everyone stammered with movement, always with an eye over their shoulder, and on the fourth day Baash sat down, behind His Temple, watching over everyone, his shadow casting along nearly every grain of sand and stone as the day passed. There Baash would remain, an ever-vigilant watcher and protector of his home.

#ShortShortStories #Return


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