a cure for the common block


The night before his birthday Albert found himself in a bar, and while many thought him out of place, he felt at home; he felt at home wherever he went because he had a perspective not bound by our constructs and labels, his was broader, deeper, and so a bar was no less comfortable than his bathtub. As he sat on his stool, his back to the bartender and eyes set on the night beyond the window panes, John took the seat beside him and asked if he liked stories, almost rhetorically, almost as if he knew Albert; he then told the story of a man living through history, for hundreds of years, never aging, never changing, but always moving to avoid detection. Albert enjoyed it, and asked how this man maintained such extraordinary health, to which John replied unexpectedly that it had nothing to do with his health, but his perception; “to him,” John elaborated “the world changes quickly, while to everyone else he doesn’t seem to change at all. Time is relative, you see?”

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One thought on “Genius

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I had to read the last three sentences like a puzzle to fit it all together. One of those, “ohhhh, yeah.” moments. I always enjoy that.

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