a cure for the common block

Double Down

Winston had a Gambler’s Hand, but he didn’t have a Lucky Hand; he made the best of what he got, though he got less and less as time wore on. One blue Saturday, he stumbled into a streak in which it seemed he could do no wrong – every move was the right move -but every streak must end, even on long blue days, however his streak didn’t end with a bad flop or bad bet, it ended with the butt of a gun to his back, leading him out the door into an alley early Sunday. Nobody likes to lose and while Winston was the kind who took his losses and walked away, Fallon always won, even when he lost; in the alley on that yellow Sunday morning, Fallon and Winston both learned something, they learned that Winston didn’t just have a Gambler’s Hand, he had a Shooter’s Hand as well.

#ShortShortStories #DoubleDown


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